All Around the World — How to Travel Lightly


Travel Light Principals

  • Carry — Only
  • Multi — Purpose
  • Buy it there if you need it


  • Kindle — 100’s of books at your fingertips, also I love that it is a single purpose device so no distractions to get lost in the reading. Easy on the eyes and you always have down time traveling.
  • Clear Toiletries Bag/Case — Pull it out and throw it in the bin during security makes it a lot easier. I got mine from Flight 001 store in SF but check out their site for lots of cool travel goodies, like a basic Eye Mask (don’t do earplugs since I have the noise cancelling). I don’t bring a travel pillow, it has been impossible to find one that packs up and is comfortable — I just ask for extra ones on the plane :)
  • Highly suggest getting sleeping pills at the airport, pretty much during the meal I’ll pop one and by the time I am done + finish the movie I sometimes manage to grab a few hours of sleep.
  • Moleskin Travel Journal — I only write when I am traveling but I find it very refreshing to put down some highlights from your trip, reflect on things going on in life, and record any nuggets you want to remember.
  • No Plastic! — In trying to cutdown on my impact I bring some of my own reusable stuff (love when the Stewardess are impressed I have my own cup and spork lol). There’s a portable water bottle that rolls up, foldable cup, and Spork!
  • Vitamin + Electrolytes — Traveling messes with your bodies schedule, often with work don’t always eat healthy, regularly, etc. I find taking some vitamin-electrolytes helps keeps you on track and from getting sick.
  • Portable Daypack — I just use the Cotopaxi Batac 16L one that came with my Allpa, it’s perfect for day trips, carrying stuff around, etc. In retrospect I would of gone for something all black or brown.


  • Learn to ROLL your clothes to save space!
  • Wear the big heavier stuff on the plane (ie. winter jacket)
  • Put your stuff in jacket pockets to get through Security faster vs dumping phone, wallet, etc. into the bin.
  • 3 Pairs of Swim Trunks — 2x Surf Shorts + 1X Chubbies
  • 2 Pairs of Chino Shorts — Just basic cotton ones now maybe switching to Merino later on
  • 2 Short Sleeve Button Up Shirts — Basic ones maybe switch to Merino
  • Light Jacket — I just have a nice spring zip up but debating a pack-able Patagonia puffy jacket for multi-use (just not so stylish :P )
  • Winter Jacket — Wear the coldest / heaviest stuff onto plane
  • Blazer — I just pack mine now (Tiger of Sweden ;) ) but new startup — Bluffworks Travel Blazer to checkout but don’t trust American styling for fit.
  • Wedding = Suit (How to fold for travel) — + Cole Hahn Dress Shoes (SO COMFY)
  • Wool Merino Sweater — Grey


To finish things up quickly here are some of my must have tools for booking travel, and making the whole international experience easy!

  • Google Flights — Is my go to starting spot for flights, the UI gives you tons of flexibility in options of stops, airlines, etc. Just keep in mind it doesn’t always combo with the local low cost carriers.
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card — No Foreign transaction fees, 3 Points per $ Travel, PriorityPass Lounge Access (Useful if you don’t make one of the Alliance Gold Tiers), $300 travel credit back, and lastly $100 towards Global Entry.
  • Global Entry / Mobile Passport — Honestly if you are traveling into the US this is a must! I have countless times stood for 1.5 hours+ at SFO customs. Being Canadian I got NEXUS which gives me Global Entry, but man walking right up to the Kiosk and out of Customs in minutes is worth it.
  • Transferwise Borderless Account — If you need cash you know the banks and airport exchanges kill you on the exchange. Transferwise has a great Multi-Currency Account to let you hold, receive, and transfer at the best rates between currencies. They are launching a VISA card with it soon, but check out Revoult if you need a multi-currency debit card now.
  • Facebook Recommendations — Honestly, I love this feature! It helps me keep lists of things to visit, and see suggested by my local friends, or friends that have been their before. Access it via the mobile app on the go, map, etc. Let me know I’ll be happy to share the ones I’ve collected so far :)



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