Push Pause 2019 — Making the Jump

3–6 Months

  • Bringing some stuff back to Toronto Canada in July (Jun 30 — Jul 7), while selling all my furniture and rest into storage in Cali. Let me know if you are interested in TV, bed, couch etc.
  • Trying to get my hands on a ticket to Burning Man and a camp to participate in, I want to CONTRIBUTE not just CONSUME. It’s kind of the perfect open minded state to kickoff my journey. Who’s going?? Rob Sandie Karolina Ling-Vannerus David Jeremy Higdon David Jackson Mhairi Foulner
  • 1–2 Months in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica as home base find an apartment long term — Come visit :P ( Hanna Arhusius / Ram Sahasranam ) — Spanish, Surf, Yoga, eat healthy, work on side projects, and salsa.
  • Start reaching out to friends involved with “Social Impact” companies to see what opportunities might be available starting 2020 — Jonathan PG / Tharald Nustad / Liana Taylor
  • Meet Christian Boysen in Vietnam at some point (Nov) to explore my parent’s roots, eat a ton of pho, and drive a motorcycle. Christina Mac you coming??
  • Leaving the rest to what unfolds maybe some time back in Bali, explore Australia + NZ, or who knows maybe I just decide that staying in Costa Rica as a surf instructor and open an eco surf camp :)



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