What if you died today? 3 Conversations to have with Death

Conversation #1 with death: What do you want done with your affairs / details of your funeral?

  • Details for Me = Celebrate Adventure and Life theme

Conversation #2 with death: How do you want to be remembered?

I am gonna keep this one to myself for now but I feel it’s quiet aligned with what I hope people will say. I would however say that the great thing is that if you are reading this, you can still write your story, your way. As my best friend Shawn told me once as kids when I teased him about his journal (I have one myself now last 12+ years), “no one will be able to tell your story but you”.

Conversation #3 with death — How to say goodbye?

I think if you have your details/affairs in order to take the burden off your loved ones, you go through the exercise of your own obituary/funeral and feel aligned with that, you can let go and say goodbye to death.



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