Where does the Time go?

Brian Huy Mac
6 min readNov 9, 2023


So seems to be a recurring theme with the late quarterly posts… cough** Q3 in Nov… Ooops

It’s just sometimes it is so busy when I check in for these topics / reflecting over the last quarter what lessons learned or things inspiring me I am already on to the next thing.

So it’s been an incredible summer with LOTS of visitors, like a LOT. One of the great things of finally having a base especially Ericeira Portugal it’s a lot easier for people to visit or already passing thru. I’ve been grateful for the visits and being able to have some quality time catching up with these souls from around the world / different phases of my life.

Summer & Fall Amigos/as Visiting

Then this October I also got to sprinkle things with little mini trips in Europe — few days in Berlin for a show that escalated into 2 weeks (so glad I don’t live there and just visit or I would be dead haha but love my friends there), and then lastly a fun work trip connecting with colleagues on this journey of building IndyKite. Trying to really stick to this idea of spending time consistently in Portugal so no travels when I am bored / at least 8 week blocks trying to have routine.

After all these travels finally some time for something I was looking forward to a lot — taking my family on a trip, our first once since 2017. Reason being this was so special for me is as I get older and living abroad the time I get to spend with them is less and less. So I made sure I carve out time with them plus it was a chance to share my new “home” Portugal with them.

Breakdown of time with different groups
FAMJAM Portugal 2023

So with all this time shared with friends and family I’ve really looked more and more into how I want to share more of this life with the right partner. Not just a fun prom exciting date, but a partner to grow with through the adventure that is this amazing life. I stumbled upon a great book for modern dating and the challenge we face in this age of international living, social media, and dating apps. It really inspired me to build some “Intentional Love” that the choices we make impact how things unfold in a relationship. Picking a partner is a huge choice on the quality of time / life since from the chart you see it’s where you will spend a lot of your time. Don’t mind the title but the content is great!

I literally have pages of notes on my phone while I was reading this but I really like how there were a lot of practical takeaways to implement. Around how to approach the apps, profile, questions, dating vs interviewing. Highlighted a lot of the science around what makes great relationships work as they are built not found. Not just dating, but also ideas/tools around key decision points like moving in together, getting married, breaking up, etc.

I won’t give too much away but I enthusiastically recommend the book for anyone that is navigating the waters of relationships, and especially for those single people not sure how to dive in.

The goal is prioritizing work the next few months to wrap up this year, less guest / hosting, travels — however carving out lots of time and energy into this whole dating thing. Let’s do this because it’s not gonna just happen without some effort! Also, let’s be honest nothing worth having comes without work/struggle for me anyways.

If you know any woman living in Portugal, 30+, kind, caring, ambitious, healthy lifestyle, and growth mentality = happy to pay referral dinner bonuses for 2 successful dates in a row. Also, feel free to give feedback on my Hinge profile below.

Not surprisingly it’s doing well for matches bc it stands out and gets a laugh ;)