Discipline = Freedom What goes on behind the scenes Pt.1

Pt. 1: Setting a theme — What is this damn #2017GiveBack?

So every year now since 2015 I have some sort of theme that guides the decisions, how I invest my time, and sort of a “Mantra”. It’s not anything goal specific but an attitude.

Pt 2: Breaking down Goal Framework (HWL)

  • Health, Wealth, Love framework for goals + milestones

Pt 3: What I use — Tools and Resources

  • 5 Minute Journal
  • Trello — Personal + Personal Milestones Boards
  • Experience with getting a Coach — Values assessment, DISC analysis, accountability and more.
  • Reading List + Videos
  • Keeping it simple when I travel 1 bag, multi-purpose and don’t have to wash gear (Shirts / Underwear / Shoes).



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